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Canon PIXMA TR8500 Printer Driver: Installation and Troubleshooting Guide

Canon PIXMA TR8500 Printer

Welcome to our Canon PIXMA TR8500 Printer Driver: Installation and Troubleshooting Guide! If you've recently purchased a Canon PIXMA TR8500 printer or are considering getting one, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to install the printer driver on your computer and address common issues you may encounter along the way. Whether you're a tech-savvy individual or a beginner, we aim to make the installation process as straightforward as possible, ensuring that you can make the most of your Canon PIXMA TR8500 printer. Let's get started!

Introduction to Canon PIXMA TR8500 Driver Software

The Canon PIXMA TR8500 is a versatile all-in-one printer that offers high-quality printing, scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities. It is designed to meet the needs of both home and small office users, providing efficient and reliable performance.

Overview of Canon PIXMA TR8500 printer

The Canon PIXMA TR8500 is a feature-packed printer that combines functionality and convenience. With its sleek design and compact size, it can easily fit into any workspace. The printer offers wireless connectivity options, allowing users to print directly from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops without the need for any additional cables. It also supports both Windows and Mac operating systems, providing compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Equipped with a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen, the Canon PIXMA TR8500 offers a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and control. The touchscreen provides access to various printing options, settings, and functions, making it simple to customize the print jobs according to individual preferences.

The Canon PIXMA TR8500 utilizes a five-color ink system, which includes both pigment and dye-based inks. This ensures vibrant and sharp prints with accurate colors and details. The printer also supports borderless printing, allowing for the creation of professional-looking photos and documents.

In addition to printing, the Canon PIXMA TR8500 offers scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities. With its automatic document feeder (ADF), users can easily scan or copy multiple pages at once, saving time and effort. The printer also supports duplex printing, which allows for automatic double-sided printing, reducing paper usage.

Importance of driver software

The driver software of the Canon PIXMA TR8500 is essential for its proper functioning. It acts as the intermediary between the printer hardware and the operating system, enabling seamless communication and control of the printer's features. Without the correct driver software, the printer may not work properly or may not be recognized by the computer.

The driver software provides the necessary instructions and commands that enable the operating system to communicate with the printer. It facilitates tasks such as printing, scanning, copying, and faxing by translating the commands into actions that the printer can understand and execute. It ensures the efficient and accurate transmission of data between the computer and the printer.

Benefits of using the correct driver software

Using the correct driver software for the Canon PIXMA TR8500 printer offers several benefits:

Optimal Performance:

The correct driver software ensures that the printer performs at its best. It enables the printer to utilize its full potential and capabilities, resulting in high-quality prints, fast print speeds, and efficient operations. By using the correct driver, users can enjoy a smooth and hassle-free printing experience.

Compatibility with the Operating System:

The correct driver software ensures compatibility with the operating system of the computer. It allows the printer to seamlessly integrate with the computer's software and hardware, ensuring reliable and consistent performance. Users can easily install and use the printer without running into compatibility issues.

Access to Advanced Features:

The correct driver software enables users to access and utilize the advanced features of the Canon PIXMA TR8500 printer. These features may include wireless printing, automatic document feeder, duplex printing, and borderless printing. By using the correct driver, users can take full advantage of the printer's capabilities and enhance their printing experience.

Resolution of Common Printer Issues:

Using the correct driver software can help troubleshoot and resolve common printer issues. It ensures that the printer and the computer are properly synchronized and that any software conflicts are eliminated. This can help in resolving issues such as print job errors, connectivity problems, and printer offline status.

Regular Firmware Updates:

The correct driver software allows for regular firmware updates for the Canon PIXMA TR8500 printer. Firmware updates provide essential bug fixes, performance improvements, and compatibility enhancements. By keeping the driver software up to date, users can ensure that their printer is equipped with the latest features and enhancements.

In conclusion, the Canon PIXMA TR8500 driver software is crucial for the proper functioning and optimum performance of the printer. Using the correct driver software ensures compatibility with the operating system, access to advanced features, resolution of common printer issues, and regular firmware updates. With its versatile capabilities and reliable performance, the Canon PIXMA TR8500 is an excellent choice for both home and small office users.

Downloading and Installing Canon PIXMA TR8500 Driver Software

When it comes to setting up your Canon PIXMA TR8500 printer, the first step is to download and install the necessary driver software. In this guide, we will walk you through the process in simple and easy-to-understand steps.

Checking system requirements

Before diving into the driver software installation, it is crucial to ensure that your computer meets the system requirements specified by Canon. This helps guarantee a smooth installation process and optimal performance for your PIXMA TR8500 printer.

Firstly, make sure your operating system meets the requirements specified by Canon. Whether you are using Windows or macOS, check that your version is compatible with the printer's driver software.

In addition to the operating system, ensure that you have enough storage space available on your computer. The driver software consumes a certain amount of disk space, so it's essential to have sufficient room to install it successfully.

Lastly, consider the RAM capacity of your computer. While the PIXMA TR8500 driver software does not demand excessive memory, it's always beneficial to have an adequate amount for seamless printing and scanning.

Finding the correct driver software

Canon conveniently provides official driver software for the PIXMA TR8500 printer on its website. To ensure compatibility and optimal performance, it is crucial to download the correct driver software specific to your operating system and printer model.

Begin by visiting the Canon website and navigating to the support section. Locate the printer drivers or software section and search for the PIXMA TR8500 printer model. Choose the appropriate driver software based on your operating system, whether it's Windows or macOS.

Once you find the correct driver software, click on the download button. You may be prompted to choose a destination folder on your computer where the downloaded file will be saved. Take note of this location for easy access later on.

Installation process

After downloading the driver software, you are now ready to proceed with the installation process. Fortunately, installing the driver is a straightforward and user-friendly task.

Navigate to the location where the driver software setup file was saved. Double-click on the file to initiate the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions provided by the driver installer. These instructions may include accepting the license agreement, choosing your preferred language, and agreeing to any terms and conditions.

During the installation, Windows or macOS may ask for permission to make changes to your system. Grant the necessary permissions to ensure a successful installation.

Once the installation is complete, you should see a confirmation message indicating that the Canon PIXMA TR8500 driver software has been installed successfully. You can now connect your printer to your computer using a USB cable or configure it wirelessly, depending on your preference.

In conclusion, downloading and installing the Canon PIXMA TR8500 driver software is a simple and effortless process. By confirming your system requirements, locating the correct driver software, and following the installation instructions, you'll be ready to enjoy the remarkable features and capabilities of your Canon PIXMA TR8500 printer.

Updating Canon PIXMA TR8500 Driver Software

Regularly checking for driver updates is crucial to ensure that your Canon PIXMA TR8500 printer is running with the latest software and firmware. Canon periodically releases updates that address known issues, improve functionality, and enhance compatibility with new operating system versions.

Methods of Updating

There are different methods available for updating the Canon PIXMA TR8500 driver software. These options make it convenient for users to keep their printer up-to-date.

Official Canon Website

One reliable method is to visit the official Canon website. Canon provides a dedicated support section on their website that allows users to download the latest drivers for their printers. Simply locate the support page for the PIXMA TR8500 model, select your operating system, and download the recommended driver update.

Built-in Printer Software Update

Another method is to utilize the built-in update functionality within the printer software. Most printers, including the Canon PIXMA TR8500, have a software application installed on the computer that allows users to manage printer settings and perform maintenance tasks. This software often includes an update option that can automatically detect and install the latest driver software. To update using this method, open the printer software, navigate to the update section, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Driver Update Tools

For users who prefer a more automated approach, driver update tools can be utilized. These tools scan the system for outdated drivers and provide a hassle-free way to update them. Some popular driver update tools include Driver Booster, Driver Talent, and Driver Easy. Simply download and install the chosen tool, run a scan, and let it identify and update the outdated printer drivers.

Precautions While Updating

While updating the driver software, it is important to follow certain precautions to avoid any issues or conflicts that could arise during the process.

Disable Antivirus Software

To prevent any interference during the installation process, it is recommended to temporarily disable antivirus software. Some antivirus programs may flag driver installation files as potentially harmful, and disabling the antivirus software temporarily can prevent such false alarms.

Ensure Stable Internet Connectivity

Since driver updates are typically obtained online, it is important to have a stable internet connection to avoid any interruptions or incomplete downloads. Unstable internet connectivity can result in corrupt driver files or incomplete installations. Ensure a reliable and stable internet connection before initiating any driver update.

Take Necessary Backups

Before proceeding with any driver update, it is advised to take necessary backups of important documents or settings. While rare, driver updates may occasionally cause compatibility issues or unintended changes. Having backups ensures that you can restore your computer to a previous state if any issues arise after the driver update.

Troubleshooting Canon PIXMA TR8500 Driver Software

Driver-related issues can occur with the Canon PIXMA TR8500 printer. These issues can range from printing errors and connectivity problems to malfunctioning features. Identifying common driver-related issues is the first step in effectively troubleshooting and resolving them.

Common Driver-Related Issues

When using the Canon PIXMA TR8500 printer, it is not uncommon to encounter certain driver-related issues. These can include:

  • Print job errors
  • Difficulty in establishing a connection between the printer and computer
  • Issues with specific printer features

Understanding these common issues can help users address them more efficiently and effectively.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

There are several basic troubleshooting steps that can be followed to resolve common driver-related issues with the Canon PIXMA TR8500 printer:

  1. Reinstall the driver software: Uninstall the existing driver software and reinstall it from the official Canon website. This can replace any corrupted or outdated files that may be causing the issues.
  2. Restart the printer and computer: Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve temporary software glitches. Turn off the printer and computer, wait for a few seconds, and then turn them back on.
  3. Check for connectivity issues: Ensure that the printer is properly connected to the computer through a USB cable or Wi-Fi network. Loose connections can lead to communication problems between the devices.
  4. Set the printer as default: Verify that the Canon PIXMA TR8500 printer is set as the default printer on your computer. This ensures that print jobs are directed to the correct device.

Following these basic troubleshooting steps can often resolve common driver-related issues and restore normal printer functionality.

Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques

If the basic troubleshooting steps do not resolve the driver-related issues with the Canon PIXMA TR8500 printer, advanced techniques can be employed:

  1. Update the driver software: Visit the Canon website and download the latest driver software compatible with the PIXMA TR8500 printer model. Updated drivers often include bug fixes and improvements that can resolve issues.
  2. Perform a system restore: If the driver issues started occurring after a recent system change or update, performing a system restore can revert your computer's settings to a previous state when the printer was functioning correctly.
  3. Scan for malware: Malware or viruses on your computer can interfere with the printer's performance. Run a thorough scan using reliable antivirus software to eliminate any potential threats.
  4. Seek support from Canon's customer service: If all else fails, seeking assistance from Canon's customer service can be beneficial. They have trained professionals who can provide guidance and support in resolving complex driver-related issues.

These advanced troubleshooting techniques can help identify and address more complex driver-related issues with the Canon PIXMA TR8500 printer.


Overall, the Canon PIXMA TR8500 driver software plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning and optimal performance of the printer. It facilitates seamless communication between the printer and the operating system, grants access to advanced features, and provides solutions to common printer issues. Therefore, installing and updating the correct driver software is of utmost importance for all Canon PIXMA TR8500 users.

The importance of Canon PIXMA TR8500 driver software

The Canon PIXMA TR8500 driver software holds significant importance in the overall functionality and performance of the printer. Without the proper driver software, the printer would not be able to communicate effectively with the operating system and utilize its full potential. By installing the correct driver software, users can ensure smooth and efficient printing operations.

Moreover, the driver software enables users to access advanced features and functionalities of the Canon PIXMA TR8500 printer. This includes the ability to print high-quality documents, scan multiple pages, copy documents, and even fax if necessary. Without the driver software, these advanced features would not be readily available for users to utilize.

Additionally, the Canon PIXMA TR8500 driver software is crucial for resolving common printer issues. It acts as a bridge between the hardware components of the printer and the operating system, allowing for prompt troubleshooting and problem-solving. Whether it's resolving connectivity issues, configuration problems, or print quality concerns, the driver software serves as the backbone in addressing these issues.

Tips for driver software management

To maximize the benefits of the Canon PIXMA TR8500 driver software, users should follow certain tips for effective software management:

Regularly check for updates

Manufacturers often release new updates for driver software to enhance performance, fix bugs, and introduce new features. Users should make it a habit to regularly check for updates through the official Canon website or their computer's device manager. By staying up to date with the latest driver software, users can ensure their printer operates at its best.

Follow proper installation and updating procedures

When installing or updating the Canon PIXMA TR8500 driver software, users should follow the provided guidelines and instructions. This includes properly connecting the printer to the computer, ensuring compatibility with the operating system, and choosing the correct driver version. By adhering to the recommended procedures, users can avoid compatibility issues and ensure a smooth installation process.

Troubleshoot driver-related issues promptly

If users encounter any driver-related issues, such as connectivity problems, error messages, or performance issues, they should troubleshoot the problem promptly. This can involve restarting the printer and computer, re-installing the driver software, or seeking assistance from Canon's customer support. By addressing driver issues promptly, users can prevent further complications and maintain the longevity of their Canon PIXMA TR8500 printer.

In conclusion, the Canon PIXMA TR8500 driver software is an essential component for the proper functioning and optimal performance of the printer. By installing and regularly updating the correct driver software, users can enjoy a seamless printing experience, access advanced features, and promptly resolve any printer issues that may arise. Following tips for effective driver software management can further enhance the overall printing experience and ensure the longevity of the Canon PIXMA TR8500 printer.